Dedicated Server Hosting
Rack Space. If you have a server and need a datacenter to colocate at we can offer you rackspace for $50 per month. We have one more shelf just above our water heater. The pipes were replaced recently, so the chance of water damage is not a risk. It is also warm in there, so the server will not freeze in the winter. Space is limited, so contact us asap to reserve rackspace.

Dedicated Servers. The servers pictured are dedicated servers. That means you do not have to share the space with other websites. If you are serious about your website, you need a dedicated server.

There is an additional cooling fan on top of the water heater to cool off the chimney. But it only heats up when we take showers or wash dishes. Nevertheless we let it run all the time as an additional element of our climate control system.

You will also see the powergrid distribution for the server powersuplies.