Our servers are secure. The cases are sealed so we do not spill drinks on the electronics and our pets do not chew on the wiring. The highly secured servers are stored in the basement for the best data protection. We have not had a flood in the basement for several years and the chance of losing data is low. For additional security they are up on a table so our kids do not knock them over when they play football in the basement.

You wont find many companies that take these precautions to keep your downtime at a minimum. But we work extra hard to secure your website.

Our Gold plan incudes isolated servers in our attic. This keeps the servers out of harms way. Even if we are robbed, they would never find your servers in our attic. so you can sleep easy and not worry that anyone will steal your web server.

Below is a set of our profesional servers racked between the rafters and stored away for safety.

We do not use the attic for general storage, so the severs do not pose a fire hazzard like the fire department said they did. They are very safe and you cannot access them without a ladder. Who is going to think of that?