Many people worry that their website will no be fast enough. Don't worry with e-commerce. We have a proprietary system that uses a very high speed dsl router as the root of our network connection. With 2 wireless support routers we are able to access LAN from other homes and distribute bandwith over unused connections. As a redundant backup system and additional V.90 compliant analog modem is on standby ready to dial in an additional 56 kilobytes per second of data transfer if needed.

No other company uses this type of setup. We have discovered this ourselves and hope to patent the technology and offer it to larger companies.

As you can see from the photo of our main network hub, we use only the top grade CAT5e ethernet cables and hardware.

As you can see this is the most up to date equipment that walmart sells. Not every hosting company can afford to invest in technology. But as you will see, we spare no expense to insure that your website and data are always accessible and fast.